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Haywood Road Animal Hospital Frequently Asked Questions

The following questions are among our pet owners' most-asked questions and concerns. This list is not exhaustive, and we welcome any and all questions from pet owners.

When should my puppy or kitten be vaccinated?
Answer: We recomend that puppies and kittens begin receiving vaccinations at six weeks of age. They receive boosters every three to four weeks until they are four months old. During the visit, you new pet will be examined for congenital problems, such as hernias, entropion, cleft palate, and others.

How often do pets receive vaccinations?
Answer: We recommend dogs and cats receive yearly vaccinations. We provide a one-year killed rabies vaccine to both dogs and cats. We recommend dogs receive a distemper/parvo combination vaccine every year. Indoor cats should receive a FVRCP vaccine once a year. Outdoor cats should also receive a feline leukemia vaccine every year.

What is a "kennel cough" vaccine?
Answer: Dogs who are frequently boarded or groomed should receive a bordatella vaccine every six months. Bordatella is a respiratory virus transmitted through close contact. The virus causes a hacking cough and nasal discharge.

Do you recommend year-round heartworm and flea prevention?
Answer: Heartworms are transmitted through a mosquito bite. Therefore, in the warmer climate of the south, we recommend year-round heartworm prevention. We recommend yearly heartworm tests for dogs, and require testing every other year. We also recommend heartworm prevention for outdoor cats.

Due to our warmer climate, most pets who frequent the outdoors benefit from year-round flea prevention. We also recommend tick prevention for dogs and cats in endemic areas such as wooded areas.

Why does my pet need a physical exam in order to receive vaccines?
Answer: Our policy is in place to ensure your pet is healthy before receiving vaccines. During the physical exam, we also address any concerns that you may have about your pet, including lumps or bumps, dental care, and weight management.

How often do you recommend a physical exam?
Answer: We recommend a yearly physical exam for all pets. For older pets or those diagnosed with medical concerns, we recommend an exam at least every six months.

When should my puppy or kitten be spayed or neutered?
Answer: We recommend puppies and kittens be spayed or neutered at six months of age. At this age, animals have not begun presenting behavioral problems, such as marking. Additionally, at this age puppies and kittens have developed an immunity to many of the common viruses through regular vaccinations.

When should my cat be declawed?
Answer: We will discuss declawing your cat at a physical exam. We recommend trying soft paws and other deterrents, such as a scratching post, before deciding to declaw your cat. Sometimes declawing can exacerbate other behavioral problems, such as biting. After discussing your concerns with the veterinarian, you can make an educated decision regarding declawing your pet.

Why are yearly fecal examinations required for patients of Haywood Road Animal Hospital?
Answer: We require fecal examinations every year to protect you and your family from intestinal parasites, such as heartworms and roundworms. Some pet parasites can be transmitted to humans, especially to young children or other persons with weakened immune systems.

When Haywood Road Animal Hospital is closed, where do you recommend I take my pet in the event of an emergency?
Answer: The Animal Emergency Clinic is located on Woods Lake Road, and they can assist you and your pet during an emergency. This clinic has a fully-trained emergency and critical care staff. You can contact the clinic 24 hours a day at (864) 232-1878.



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